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News >2008 >Forest School Receives Grant Boost from Forestry Commission

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Forest School Receives Boost from Forestry Commission Grant 

Date: Thursday, January 17, 2008

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust's Forest School project has successfully applied for and been awarded £3,282 from the Forestry Commission's Forest School Challenge Woodland Improvement Grant Fund.


The awarded money will be put towards supporting staff members from local Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull schools and early years settings go through their Forest School Leadership qualification.


The Forest School Project running at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust aims to engage with schools and early years settings to train local staff to become Forest School leaders and run their own Forest School projects. By empowering local staff with the knowledge and qualifications and now some basic equipment to run their own projects, we are hoping to ensure some long-term sustainability for Forest School projects across the county.


Forest School is an alternative teaching method, based on similar principles to environmental education and outdoor play. However, at Forest School, the children access an outdoor space (not necessarily a woodland) on a regular basis, over a long time period with a qualified leader to guide the sessions.


Over time, the children become able to direct their own learning experience. Being given the time and space to explore learning in one's own way has many great benefits:  For many children it allows them to engage again with the learning process, something which not everyone achieves in the classroom.


Initial research into the learning process is proving that learning in the way which suits you best allows much faster access to deeper learning and understanding, and it is in this phase where what is learnt is retained better. Changes are also seen over time with behaviour and boosting self confidence. Improvements are seen in communication and team working skills too.


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