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Forest School Leader Training at Wildlife Trust 

Date: Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Forest School Project gets underway in Warwickshire


Warwickshire Wildlife Trust was today celebrating the news that .....  .     


A new project is beginning in Warwickshire working in partnership with Coventry City Council, Solihull On-Track, and Warwickshire County Council with funding of £321,500.00 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop Forest School across the county. 


Forest School is an innovative way of enhancing and complimenting standard classroom education with learning in an outdoor environment.


Through exploring the environment and tackling small achievable tasks, children, young people and adults can gain confidence in their own abilities and skills through hands-on learning experiences in a local woodland environment.


A typical Forest School programme would include playing games and setting small achievable tasks, such as hide and seek, collecting materials and building shelters, eventually leading up to learning how to use appropriate tools, lighting fires and cooking.


Participants learn basic woodland skills as a method to try and boost their self-confidence and raise their self-esteem.


People involved learn to use natural materials and develop practical and intellectual skills, which can all be linked with the National Curriculum.


Each session is learner-led, based on the skills and needs of that group. With a qualified leader to ensure an enjoyable, safe experience for all involved.


The Forest School model is suited to people of all ages and has been found to be particularly successful with children and young people who may struggle to achieve in the more formal classroom setting.


This partnership project has created and employed three co-ordinators to work in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull who will be working with schools and nurseries to develop Forest School projects over the next three years.


The main focus for the new co-ordinators will be to provide Forest School Leadership training for teachers and practical support in setting up projects, so schools can benefit directly from this new exciting scheme on a long-term basis.


This should ensure long-term, on-going quality Forest School provision for children in the county.


Phil Dickin Director of people & Wildlife at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust commented, "This is a fantastic opportunity for the Wildlife Trust and partners to offer a programme that will encourage young people into woodlands, learn new skills gain an understanding of the countryside and help in their health and wellbeing."


Anne Jenkins, HLF regional manager for the West Midlands commented; "If we are to protect the Earth and our future, we need to equip today's students to be tomorrow's environmental stewards. They need a deeper understanding of the relationship between our society and the environment itself, and Forest Schools will do exactly this".


To find out how you can get involved or how your school can get access to training and taking part in this project please gets in touch with one of our co-ordinators.


Contact details and names

Sarah Klaes      024 76302912          Senior Forest School Co-ordinator

Andy Matthews 0121 7040768         Solihull Forest School Co-ordinator

Sarah Capper   024 76302912          Warwickshire Forest School Co-ordinator


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