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Solihull Practitioners Group
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Solihull Practitioners Group

Meet - Share - Develop


An invitation for all practitioners who are involved in Forest Schools in Solihull


Come to meet others involved in running or supporting Forest School programmes across Solihull


Share ideas, stories and experiences.


You are invited to the Forest School's Practitioners events as follows:


Forest School Craft Ideas - Thursday 9th September 2010 from 3.45 - 5.45pm (Come when you can - your own children are welcome!)  at Newland Bishop Farm, Berry Hall Lane, Cathering-de-Barnes


Wednesday 10th November 2010  from 9.15am - 12 pm at Newland Bishop Farm, Berry Hall Lane, Catherine-de-Barnes


Please let us know if you are able to make it.


NEWS from Solihull Forest School in Solihull:


We hope you have had excellent Forest School experiences with the groups you work with - seeing them grow, learn and develop throughout.  We have had a good year, with nearly half the primary schools in Solihull being involved, plus other groups and organisations.  We have new sites in operation, continued Practitioners' Group Meetings and held a very successful winter event at Earlswood.

There are a few things we want to tell you about as we approach the end of the academic year:


1. Waterproofs
If you have waterproofs on loan from us, we want to extend to you an opportunity to purchase them for your school at £7.50 per item (i.e. trousers and jacket set would cost you £15 - exceptional value!).  If you would like to own these waterproofs, please let us know ASAP as they would then not need to be returned to us at the end of the academic year.  If you do not intend to purchase, they will need to be returned to us (cleaned and dried) at the address below by Friday 16th July 2010 to be matched up with the numbers in your contract.

For the next academic year, please tell us your waterproof requirements by Friday 10th September 2010.  Please note that large numbers of waterproofs / different sizes than you currently have may not be able to be supplied.


2. Kit
If you have a Leader Kit on loan from us, this needs to be returned to us at the address below by Friday 16th July 2010 as per your contract.

If you require a kit for the next academic year, please tell us by Friday 10th September 2010.  We will be reducing the content to a basic kit.  If you require further items (e.g. a storm kettle or bill hook), we will supply these on loan if available.


Practitioners' Group
We have continued to run the Practitioners' Group this year, aiming to meet, share and develop as practitioners.  We believe this has been interesting and very helpful for those who have come.  Next year, we intend to double this provision by meeting twice termly - once during the working day and once as a twilight session.  Hopefully this will enable more of you to benefit from this opportunity.


4. Feedback
We value any feedback you can give us from children, parents, teachers and governors.  Please gather any relevant observations, comments or photos (we need to ensure appropriate consent is obtained - see attached document) which tell of how Forest School is impacting the lives of anyone involved, by the time of the annual review meeting.


5. Annual Review Meetings
As usual we would like to meet with you for a short review of how Forest School has been this year, and we will be in touch to arrange this with you.







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