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Training Packages
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Inset training Days


Since 2012 Get Out of the classroom has supplied high quality Forest School Inset training days across the UK in Early years, primary and secondary education.


A typical CPD session introduces staff to a range of Outdoor games and activities which can be used to boost self esteem and create interactive learning opportunities across the Curruluim. It will almost certainly include cooking on an open fire and den building.






Full Day

Half Day


Up to 15 people




Add per head*





Because of the interactive nature of the training, the recommend group size is a maximum of 25 people for any changes to this please get in touch


Travel  and Expenses

  • All fees are inclusive of preparation time.
  • Travel is charged at a return journey from Dy3 1NE at 45p per mile.
  • Accommodation is charged if appropriate

For further information please contact Sarah




Whole School Packages


We deliver whole school packages to ensure Outdoor Learning is imbeded into your currcuiulum please contact us for more details.

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