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Comments from our students


These comments are from students on completion of their OCN Levels 2 and 3 Forest School Leader and Assistant Awards:


"This course has been fantastic - completely so much more than I expected - life-changing.  Learnt so much and have enjoyed working in the group practical activities were very good and helped me to remember new skills and gave me activity ideas for my setting.  I feel that I have grown and changed as a person and really eager to start my first school.  Thank you."


"This has been incredibly enlightening, I am desperate to start Forest School everywhere. It has been a real pleasure to work in the groups and leaders.  I have had a fantastic experience!"


" I feel course has been displayed and delivered in a way you understand all aspects of course, what is needed for portfolio.  VERY FUN!!  THANK YOU ALL!"


" Have absolutely loved it…..will now (well, have already started) go back and bore all my staff and parents about how fab it all is.  Best course I've ever been on!  Thank you!"


"Tutors very welcoming, lots of useful information, everything seemed to run nicely …. Really good, enjoyed it, looking forward to working with the children more outdoors."


" A feeling of being proud to light the fire will stay with me for a long time….tutors were clear, patient and let us lead the sessions."


" I find some of the practical skills frustrating, as I take time to learn, and the great thing was, I never felt rushed or pressured to get everything exactly right."


"A very well-run and practical course.  There was plenty of time to develop new skills and work with people who work in different settings.  Thanks to staff for making it fun and informative."

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