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Make your school a Champion in Outdoor Learning. Did you know Get Out Of The Classroom delivers whole school packages? We understand that imbedding Outdoor Learning can be a struggle sometimes within a setting. We have developed a package which will help inspire all your staff and ensure Outdoor Learning become integral to your deliver of the Curruluim. For has little has £2000 your school can have: - A whole staff twilight development session 5 staff members trained at OCN Level 1 Award in Outdoor Learning 4 members of staff trained at OCN level 2 Award in Outdoor Learning Practice 1 member of staff trained at OCN Level 3 Award in Co-ordinating an Outdoor Learning Curriculum. 1/2 day session with Get Out Of the Classroom to audit your outdoor learning success and suggest further improvement. To find out more please get in touch sarah@getoutoftheclassroom.com

Short Courses with Get Out of the classroom

Thursday, May 02, 2019 by sarahc

Outdoor Learning: Why Bother?

" Must we always teach our children with books. Let them look at the stars and the moutains above. Let them look at the waters and the trees and flowers on earth. Then they will begin to think, and to think is the real begining of Education."

David Polis

My son will be Five in Decemer. 5!!!!! Parents oftern told me its goes fast. I didnt think it wil be this fast. My boy like many young chaps and lasses is string and fearless and wants to at every oportunity stride bare foot in the garden, no mater what the weather and find the most muddest patch of ground to play on.

When looking around schools for Rohan I meet a really engaging head teacher who said "children are only 5 years old once, 6 years old once.... every moment matters and its up to the staff at the school to make each moment count."It s to say I choose that school for my son.

What she said made me think of other schools and other children and how there every moments count! Children spend on average 635 hour per year in school. so I beleive its time to make them 635 hours memorable for the children.

Outdoor learning can do this; it has so many benfits- the best one it makes learning fun in ways that the four walls of a classroom can not.

Laevers (2005) suggests that the "richmness " of a learning enviornment can be tested through two principes; diversity (how broad is the horizon for possible expernce)  and the depth of the area (how much can be discovered)

We must embrace Outdoor learning for the benfit of all.



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