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Winter Activities - Sharing Ideas

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 by Sue Ell

What do leaders do in winter?  Some small children can't even go out in this exceptional weather.  Share your ideas here .....

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  1. Jody Says:
    Winter is great for Forest School- with my littlies (3-4yrs) group we had some great fun with Forest School winter olympics- we made some simple natural resources for this, such as willow rings- which a pine cone or ball can be thrown through, reindeer races, stick tower building, relay racing with cones and snow balls, snowball rolling etc- and it kept the children warm too! It was all great fun and they all recieved a simple certificate at the end.
    We also made some ice sculptures- a yogurt pot some found feathers and a stick or two- and add water- with some string in a loop draped far into the pot- leave outside overnight and hopefully in the morning you will have a lovely frozen ice sculpture to hang on the trees.
    We have taken some activities indoors, but it always has some element of outdoor play and we bring it back inside if it is too cold (we did get to -9 so thought was bit too cold!!) I am not sure how wildlife friendly it is- but we also caught a heavily frosted spiders web on some black card and traced over te lines with chalk- the children absolutely loved this and were facinated by the webs and thier beauty. We then made our own frosty webs with some string and sticks!

  2. Chrissy Barnes Says:
    Hi, again we too suffered with the cold weather,frozen toilet!! We work with 3/4 year olds also. Ice sculpures always a winner we made some with bird food in shallow dishes that hung with loop. To keep the children moving and warm we went on a treasure hunt, with clues leading eventually to a surprise left by Rudolf, we found this a great activity as we incorperated everything we had learnt in the previous term as a helpful reminder for some children and also got some of our more timid explorers to farther reaches. Fir cones painted with peanut butter (check allergies) then bird seed hung for the birds/squirrels. Frost and snow provided us with opportunity for spotting animal tracks and cooking over fire always is a hit.

  3. Makaila Says:
    Wow, that's a really clever way of thinking about it!

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