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Bug hunting - spontaneous choice of activity.

She was then intrigued to find out how many different animals she could find at FS!




'Sticky Elbows' - a quick but effective means of gathering the children and ensuring no-one has disappeared! We then count round the circle, children saying numbers, and adding this to the number of adults also present.





Map making - first session run by me, for my portfolio.

The children were simply asked to make a map of the area - after asking where the pen and paper were they then set about the task without these.





Action shot - exploring what we can do in long grass!





Child leading and adult supporting - making 'home' for the 'Woodlanders' - the children's ideas were then used in creative writing sessions later that week. All of the children were motivated by the idea of 'Woodlanders' and this was reflected in the quality of their stories.

The adult is supporting by asking questions and very much following the lead of the child.





During a session of painting our faces as 'mud warriors' we found that some of our ground was very clay based and we could take chunks and make models with it. This led to a very interesting discovery that our main site has 3 different types of soil - very clay based, typical soil and compost-like. All 3 types were discovered as having different properties by the children.


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