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Case Studies


Alveston C.Of. E Primary  School


I took part in training at Brandon Marsh in October and November 2010. To say typical English weather would be fair - cold, wet and windy. However, despite this, I can honestly say I've never had so much fun learning and training! Sarah ensured activities were engaging, appropriate and exciting (to take back with the children but also for us as adults). Some of my favourite activities were making tree cookies, magic potions and shelters - all of which I have done with my classes and my Reception classes have loved them. The children love going to Forest School, whatever the weather and they fully engage in every activity - regardless of ability, gender or backgrounds. We have developed a Forest School from a bare patch of land - developing it slowly but surely. We have had lots of support from Sarah, not only with the qualification but also with sourcing wood and materials. Forest School has added an amazing dimension to our school and I feel very lucky to have taken part in such a creative and inspiring initiative.



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Milby Pre School

Debbie and I were very fortunate to be able to secure Forest School Training as we needed the financial backing from both the Local Authority and the Management Committee of our setting. I had done a little research into Forest School, but not many local settings have embarked on this exciting venture.
Our training took place at a local nature reserve, and run by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust with trainers Sarah Capper and Sarah Klaes. It ran over almost two weeks with both practical and written work days.
Sarah and Sarah were excellent trainers, they were very friendly, explaining activities and techniques simply and practically so we all understood what to do. They gave us the confidence to 'have a go' and learn by doing. Exactly the techniques we are now using with our children at nursery, during our own Forest School sessions!
The trainers were very inspirational and their enthusiasm for Forest School soon gave us the drive to build Forest School into our weekly activities and to promote the importance of outside play to our colleagues and parents/carers.

When the training was completed Sarah and Sarah continued to be helpful and supportive whilst we were completing the theory and portfolio to complete our Forest School Leader qualification.


The course was very rewarding and far exceeded our expectations. Forest School has become very much part of our weekly routine at nursery. Due to the quality of training it has given both of us the confidence to deliver taster sessions for our work colleagues and in the future, parent/child sessions.
Both Debbie and I agree, this training has easily been the best training we have done that has had the biggest impact to the learning outcomes of our children.
Pictures to follow.....



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