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Leadership Training
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Forest Schools Leadership Training


Our Forest School training is run by Wild Learning & Get Out Of The Classroom www.getoutoftheclassroom.


Both companies are members of the Forest School Association and the National Forest School Trainers Network.


We have a strong belief in support for students to help them gain their qualifications, which we hope is reflected in our ethos of providing local training and support for our students. We believe in quality Forest School provision for all, which should start with the training provision.

We can offer basic phone and e-mail support plus we can offer tutorisl visits, site visits, and help with site development.


Forest School Leadership Level 3


This course is accredited by the Open College Network Wales (Agored Cymru). The training comprises seven days of training with tutor contact time. These days are a mixture of practical and classroom based study. Students then have nine months to complete a portfolio of work which is expected to take approximately 120 hours of self directed study.


The Forest School Level 3 Leader qualification comprises three units of study. (18 credits)


Learning and Development at Forest School: covers many elements of how different people learn, holistic development, building self esteem & emotional intelligence, researching other theories of learning and how they relate to Forest School.


Establishment and Delivery: revolves around running your own Forest School programme, managing health and safety, risk assessments, session planning and evaluating. As part of this unit, students are required to run a minimum of six Forest School sessions.


Practical Skills and Woodland Management: looking at sustainable woodland management, identifying flora and fauna and historical use of woodland. This unit also covers all aspects of your practical skills - teaching others to use tools safely, creating items from wood, building a shelter from natural materials, safely siting, lighting, cooking on and extinguishing a camp fire.

The Level 3 Forest School Leader qualification is recommended by the Forest School Association and National Forest School Trainers Network to be the only qualification you can have which allows you to lead a Forest School programme and to call your project a Forest School.



Please email us if you would like to reserve a place on one of our courses.


Course entry requirements:


You will need a group to work with (children of any age, young adults, adults).

You will need a Level 2 Qualification in Education, Youth Work, Child care etc.


OR Level 2 Qualification in Forest School, Countryside, Woodland Management etc. AND at least two years experience with client groups.



You will need to identify a suitable natural site to use for your sessions. A woodland is lovely, but not always available! If you'd like to discuss your site before booking onto a course, please get in touch.


You should hold an existing CRB/DBS check


You will need suitable insurance cover


You will need to work with a group to complete your qualification, we would expect that you have this arranged before you come to do your training.


You will need the backing of your school/setting/organisation who will need to help you with organising and running your first project (which will happen during your training).


You will need to be 21 or over.


To qualify you will need an up to date first aid qualification which is a minimum of 16 hours with an outdoor element. You do not need this qualification to begin training, but you will need it before you begin your sessions. Please get in touch for details of courses.


The qualification takes at least 9 months to complete (most people need a year) so you will need to have some time you can dedicate to getting your work completed.



Level 3 courses are equivalent to A-level difficulty. You may wish to consider this before you access the training.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Level 2 Forest Schools Assistant


The Level 2 course is accredited by the Open College Network Wales (Agored Cymru). The qualification is nationally recognised.


The training comprises three days of training with tutor contact time. These days are mostly practical, but will contain some classroom element. Students then have 3 months to complete a workbook.


The Assistant qualification consists of two units of study (4 credits).


Skills for the Forest School Assistant: covers topics such as risk assessment, flora and fauna identification, managing ecological impact and practical skills such as knot tying, shelter building, using tools and fire.


Supporting Learning and Development at Forest School: covers how to support learning and development, understanding the importance of play/self directed learning, helping to build self confidence and assisting with a successful Forest School programme. This unit requires you to assist with a minimum of three Forest School sessions


PLEASE NOTE: This qualification does not qualify you to lead a Forest School. You should already be working with an existing Forest School leader to qualify for this course.


Course entry requirements:


An existing Level 1 qualification or equivalent (1 GCSE)


You should be working with an existing Forest School leader. If you wish to run your own Forest School sessions, you should look at the level 3 qualification.


You should hold an existing CRB/DBS check


Level 2 courses are equivalent to GCSE difficulty. You may wish to consider this before you access the training.


Continuous Professional Development


One day courses, half day courses or twilight courses for Teachers, Educational Professionals, Forest School Leaders, Rangers, Parents, anyone with an interest in the outdoors.


Please see the list of courses in our Short Courses section














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